Dimetix has been developing and manufacturing laser distance sensors for more than 20 years. As a company that is proud of being Swiss, Dimetix aim for the highest possible quality, resulting in unique, accurate long-distance sensors - the solution that provides applications for the most accurate demands for measurement.
With Dimetix, even your most challenging applications can be realized due to the technical application support available to all our customers.

Dimetix Features

Our products measure distances of up to 500 meters, with an accuracy of ±1 millimeter.
Each sensor includes the majority of features, so selecting the sensor that is right for you is easy.
Sensors are always available in stock, which guarantees the shortest delivery times.
True measurement rate up to 250Hz
1kHz update rate
Temperature range up to +60°C
Industrial Ethernet: PROFINET, EthernetIP, EtherCAT


[o]   Monitoring
[o]   Positioning System
[o]   Level measurement
[o]   Dimension measurement
[o]   Collision Prevention
[o]   Monitoring